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AAR Strategy for Turbo Options Trading

Trading turbo options is without a doubt the most fast and profitable way to trade in the world of electronic contracts market. More transactions mean more profit. Fast transactions mean quick results. However, fast pace presents a downside: the minimum expiration period significantly increases the risks, as the transaction falls into the market noise zone. In order not to lose money and be able to trade turbo options, you need a solid strategy based on several indicators.

Alligator, Awesome and RSI (AAR) make a combination of indicators for trading strategy to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals. It is recommended for turbo trading binary options. The AAR  Binary Options Trading Strategy provides an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. Based on this information, traders can assume further price movement and adjust this strategy accordingly.

The suggested strategy cuts off false signals in time and increases the probability of a positive outcome of the transaction. Pocket Option trading platform offers a wide list of popular Expert Advisors, Indicators and other Tools, including Alligator, Awesome Oscillator and RSI, which you will need for  the strategy.

How to set up parameters for AAR strategy?

Let us remind you that turbo options are electronic contracts with expiration from a few seconds to five minutes. It is trading on the chart with a minimum time interval.

To set up a workspace for the AAR strategy, you should:

  1. Choose highly volatile pairs: currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies;
  2. Set up “Japanese Candlesticks” chart;
  3. Set up time frame 1 minute.

Let us proceed. We will select and set up the three indicators from the list.

The first one is the Alligator. It is a trend instrument placed directly on the chart. Experts recommend specifying the values 13, 5 and 3 to the jaws, teeth and lips respectively.

RSI and Awesome Oscillator are oscillators placed in separate areas below the chart. For the RSI, you need to set period 14 and level 50, and for the Awesome Oscillator – periods 5 and 34.

Congratulation! You are done. Now, it is time to figure out signals to buy and sell the contract.

How to trade with the AAR strategy

The problem is that that even though three indicators are used for the strategy, the signals are not synchronous. However, for some traders it is not a problem. They see it as advantage of the strategy.

When traders trade on lower timeframes, they must make decisions almost instantly. AAR strategy will give you a main RSI signal so you can figure out the market situation in time.

Thus, prepare for the CALL option when the Relative Strength Index crosses the 50 level from the bottom up. The contract takes place when a candle appears on the Awesome Oscillator in the upper area, as well as when the Alligator’s red line crosses the green one in the upward direction.

PUT option should be done when all indicators are exactly the opposite. Get ready when the RSI goes under the 50 level and buy when a candle appears in the negative zone on the Awesome Oscillator and the Alligator’s red line crosses the green line in the lower direction.

The expiry time should be 2 minutes.

Since a trader can buy turbo binary options, the amount of profit depends directly on the selected asset and the size of the transaction. If the value of an option is increased or a more profitable asset is chosen, the profit can be multiplied several times.

With three indicators, you can effectively weed out market noise because the AAR system gives signals for informed decisions. It allows you to easily detect the next direction of price movement. High profitability due to the accuracy of projections and the ability to buy the same assets several times while trading, thereby multiplying the profit.

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