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Flight Strategy for binary options

Trading is like flying. There are some basic rules that must be learned and applied. You want to get to your successful trade, and to do so requires us to master the basics and not violate trading laws. How is this even possible? In trading, knowledge is power. In order to be successful traders you must continually be thinking, studying and growing. You must learn from mistakes and successes. And while you will find it extremely simple, trading is an art that can only be mastered through much effort and time.

The Flight Trading Strategy appeals to traders who do not like to take risks and seek confidence. It is not a system for turbo contracts. It generates reliable but rare signals to buy an option. The probability of successful trade reaches 90%.

The strategy is based on two popular indicators that you can find among the standard instruments in the Pocket Option terminal.

Finally, with Flight Strategy you will be able to trade both directions (main, correction, reversal). You will see the impulse, regardless of whether it is trendy or not, and you will have the opportunity to purchase the option at the most favorable price.

How to set up indicators for Flight Strategy?

Before trading you need to check you panel and set up indicators like a real pilot. We recommend to use Japanese candlesticks with the H1 timeframe. Choose EUR/USD currency pair as an asset and trade during the European and American sessions.

We will need ADX and MACD with standard settings. Just click on the “Indicators” icon and select these instruments from the list.

We will use MACD to determine volumes, so signal lines can be removed so as not to distract attention. For it, you should uncheck the corresponding checkboxes in the indicator settings.

In ADX you need all the lines. Therefore, leave default ADX parameters.

On your chart, EA’s main line (red) will indicate volatility.  It is optimal when it is located above level 25. In turn, the +DI (blue) and -DI (yellow) lines will be needed to determine the reversal and start a new movement.

How the Flight strategy works?

After all the settings have been made, it is time to trade. We already warned you that signals for this strategy are not generated often, but they are reliable.

Here are the expert recommendations:

  • CALL contract when the blue line crossed the yellow one from the bottom up.  The red line ADX should be above level 25, and the corresponding bar of the MACD histogram should be above the previous one and be located above the zero level.

  • PUT contract is purchased in the opposite situation: +DI crossed -DI in the downward direction, ADX is still above the 25 level, and the MACD histogram bar is lower than the previous one and is in the negative area.

The expiration must be set at least 3 hours (three candles).

When trading binary options with Flight strategy, you will reduce your risks and execute profitable trades. It is one of the most reliable and risk-free strategies. Have a good flight!

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