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Quick Start Strategy

Trading can be a confusing profession to break into, but it doesn’t have to be. Geared towards beginners, Quick Start Strategy is built on the basics and fundamentals of binary options trading. Read the article to learn more tips that will allow you to break into the industry efficiently and knowledgeably. These topics represent the main information every binary options trader must know to be successful.

Quick Start strategy is a great choice for short-term contracts. Due to the use of several indicators at once, the Quick Start profitability can reach 85% of transactions. The trading system, which will be discussed below, is ideal for those traders who have chosen Pocket Option. It is a trading platform has the widest range of tools for trade market analysis.

Preparing the Workspace for Quick Start

Trading with Quick Start is done on the lower timeframe that is why you should set up the bar formation time to 30 seconds. Depending on what you like you can use a candle or bar chart to analyze the market and make deals. Do not chose linear and other types of charts: they will not work in this case.

The Quick Start Strategy utilizes the Moving Average and Awesome Oscillator for analyzing the market situation and buying a contract. You can trade any asset with high or medium volatility. It is suitable for both currency pairs, indices or cryptocurrencies.

Before you start trading, you need to install and configure advisers on the workstation. It is recommended to use the Awesome Oscillator with default settings and set up Moving Average to certain parameters. For Quick Start you need three moving averages: two blue EMAs and one orange WMA.

For EMA, set the period of 25 and 18 while for WMA use the period of 7. After the settings, you can proceed directly to the analysis and purchase of a contract.

Trading with the Quick Start Strategy

Quick Start is designed to help you make more powerful strategic connections between ends, ways and means to show 85% performance. Observe the strategy logic 100% to trade with the Quick Start.

The main signal to buy a contract is the intersection of moving averages: the WMA must cross both EMAs. If the crossing occurs only for one of them, then it is too early to open a deal.

The Awesome Oscillator acts as a confirmation tool. Watch for its location on the chart columns relative to the zero level.

Follow the basic advice on trading with Quick Start strategy:

  • Buy CALL option when both EMA lines are crossed by the WMA from bottom to top. In this case, the candles should be above 0.

  • Buy PUT option, on the contrary, when the moving averages cross in the downward direction, and the candles must be under the zero mark.

The expiration time is set to 60 seconds.

If you apply the “Quick Start” strategy, following all the above rules, you will be able to quickly increase your trading deposit and start earning consistently on the binary options market. Read more to learn about rewards with Pocket Option Trading Service and use it as the base of your binary options trading education, propelling you forward into a prosperous trading career.

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