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90% of profitable trades with “Trend Lord” Strategy

The Trend Lord trading strategy puts you in a position of advantage where generating profits from trading currency pairs becomes much easier. Are you looking for a simple strategy that can consistently bring profit on binary options? How to achieve 90% of profitable options? Do you think that it is unrealistic? Maybe yes, maybe no – maybe rain, maybe snow.

In fact, such a strategy exists and is actively used by financiers from all over the world. The strategy is called “Trend Lord” (or simply “Lord”) and in the telling name there is the essence. With it, traders recognize the formation of a new trend at the very beginning and execute profitable contracts.

Moreover, the system is based on two indicators included in the list of standard instruments from the Pocket Option broker. The Lord uses indicators within a separate window. If you are interested, open your trading terminal, use simple settings and start applying the strategy to enter a trade.

Explanation of the “Trend Lord” Strategy

All traders know that when it comes to trading with the trend, there are effective Moving Average. The Overlord strategy is no exception.

However, let’s start with the settings. To apply the strategy, we need a one-minute timeframe of the chart of one of the highly volatile assets. The strategy is recommended for currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. You should set up “bars” or “Japanese candlesticks” chart.

The secret source of the strategy is in three different Moving Averages with different construction types and periods. You need Moving Averages of the following type: red EMA (15), and two green SMA 3 and 5.

If you are an experienced trader, you know that the red EMA is for trending, and the green SMA are for signal. The strategy is famous for the fact that it brings profit in 90% of open positions. This effect is achieved due to the additional use of the RSI oscillator with a period of 26 and the main level of 50. As a result, MAs signal the emergence of a new trend while the Relative Strength Index indicates its potential.

How to trade using the “Lord” strategy?

The strategy is so straightforward that it is not a problem to notice a signal and make an informed decision to call or put. Remember, since you are trading on a 1-minute timeframe, the trend can change several times a day. Consider it as an opportunity to get extra profit.

Let’s move on to trading:

  • CALL contract – when both SMAs cross the EMA from the bottom up and RSI is in the positive area.

  • PUT contract – when the SMAs cross the EMA moving down, and the RSI goes down below the 50 level.

The expiration time must be at least 3 minutes.

In conclusion, we want to acknowledge that the strategy may look fantastic, but it indeed can bring you high performance on binary options. After all, experts believe: the simpler the system – the higher profitability.

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